From a New Shanghai Person.

When we arrived in Shanghai last September, I could only say ‘thank you’ in Mandarin and I was puzzled by the variations of pronunciation.

Then I quickly learnt ‘Hello’ and kept hearing different ways to say that as well. But mostly, I became a little…

I’m in Shanghai, and these Buzzy Clicky Journo Wishy Washy Baity headlines keep floating around my brain!

Looking to Shed a Few Pounds? Try the Streetfood, it might be Meat Rat!

Internet is HOW cheap? Shanghai’s Wifi is Maybe Cheap For a Reason? (ie. you can’t surf like the good…

Amelia Chappelow

Executive Audio Director & Showrunner ♡ Now in New York ♡ Alum: Spotify, triple j & ABC Australia

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