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Amelia Chappelow
4 min readDec 2, 2020

I’d like to share this endless list with you, so you don’t have to read every Podcast Education website like I did!

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Recently I was invited to present to a collection of curious emerging filmmakers (via the Women in Screen Lab through the Australian International Screen Forum) on the topic of Audio Storytelling, with the focus on filmmakers using podcasting as a way to compliment & creatively establish proof of concept & IP of their work. And I gathered the links together here for the filmmakers, but wanted to share with you too, for having an established audience (however big or small or niche) can be beneficial to you, your vision and your potential investors.

So let’s get to it!

How To Start

Apple’s Guide to Starting a Podcast

Air Media have excellent resources about podcasting and the industry overall. I use their rate guide a lot for freelancers.

5 Tips to Creating a Podcast Budget by Spreaker and there is a regular blog of tips too

How to start a podcast on a small budget

Writing scripts? Here’s an overview of one way to structure and write your podcast script.

Workshops and resources at the Podcast Academy

The Podcast Movement says it’s the largest community of podcasters, so there’s various levels of experience but a lot of support from the community.

How to Use Zoom for Podcasting

A 2020 Guide about what you’ll need to buy for starting a Podcast

Building a page for your podcast with Podpage

Here’s a clear guide on the ways to monetize your podcast should you need to.

Where can your listeners leave ratings and reviews for your podcast? James Potter sent me this article he wrote about it, and also this page where you can claim your podcast.

I’m not the first to write a resource lists for you, and the good folk at NPR have a few, this one for students is very concise and a great read.

Platforms to Listen


Google Podcasts


Apple Podcast


And how to review & rate podcasts (and how to tell your listeners to!)

Platforms to Publish

Anchor — Through Spotify but not exclusively

OMNY — Publishing, hosting

Spreaker — one stop shop


Need Support?

Pod People are on-demand workforce for audio production, with a network of hand-picked audio pros across the globe (run by a bunch of badass women)

Support POC in Audio and find who you need for your project.

Podcast Newsletters to Get Across the Industry

Podcast to Screen

In the last few years there has been a lot of excitement about original content and intellectual property, you can see why here but also it’s an easy way to show proof of concept on your project. Here is a video workshop talking about copyright and IP in podcasts and livestreams and other legal issues you may encounter.

Podcast companies who are doing podcasts with success to screen:

Gimlet, Wondery, Pineapple Street Media

Dirty John (TV Series 2018), Homecoming (TV Series 2018),

The “Heaven’s Gate” podcast (a Stitcher & Pineapple Street Media partnership production) has become a HBO 4 part TV Series launching December 2020, here.

Film Companies or Collectives doing podcasts to screen

A24, Animal Kingdom, Vespucci Group

Podcasts That Could Be on the Screen

The Big One — NPR

Australian Listeners

(I’m Australian and with podcast awareness in my home country over 87%, it’s always interesting to watch trends in listening here)


New data shows significant increase and shift in podcast listening habits

How Brands Are Using Podcasts To Engage With Audiences On A Deeper Level

Companies To Work With:

If you need help, here are some companies to work with on production or more, but please note I haven’t worked directly with all of these companies and this list is by no means exhausted, feel free to let me know of more!

Need a Transcript or more?

The people at Podscribe sent me a transcript of my guest spot on Mike Williams’ and Friends podcast episode for you to see the results, noting they’re the only transcription service with an embeddable transcript player you can add to your site.

Thank you for reading! If you see more resources that are essential to podcasting, audio storytelling, creative intellectual property please let me know, would love to include more.



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