I’m in Shanghai, and these Buzzy Clicky Journo Wishy Washy Baity headlines keep floating around my brain!

Looking to Shed a Few Pounds? Try the Streetfood, it might be Meat Rat!

Internet is HOW cheap? Shanghai’s Wifi is Maybe Cheap For a Reason? (ie. you can’t surf like the good old days in the western world. OR Shanghai: It *is* like the dial up days)

Where Capitalism & Communism Meet: Shanghai’s Contradictions in Daily Living

Zooey Deschanel and I: Why I Sound Like Her While Singing Winnie the Pooh Songs.


No I’m Not Angry, I’m Just Telling The Taxi Driver Where I Live.

HELP: My Toddler Wants to Watch Octonauts All the Time!

Becoming a Germ Freak in Australia? Get Over It! (I Almost Stepped in Dog Shit Five Times Today OR My Toddler Put His Hands All Over a Public Ashtray/Rubbish Bin)

Never Clean Your House Again! (Move to Shanghai and get a Housekeeper)

How Becoming a Stay At Home Mum Has Ruined My Life in a Good Way.

Why I Took a Leap of Faith and Left Australia: One Woman Did This Unspeakable Thing for her HUSBAND.

I Am No Longer Employed: Every Day I Have No Idea Who I Am

The Toddler Years are Delightful: Get a Housekeeper!

12 Ways You Can Forget About the Abbott Government: Move to China!

Collecting Receipts Like a Tax Man: Welcome to China!

What’s The Smell? No, it’s not Camel Vomit, it’s Stinky Tofu!

Maybe I’ll Become An Artist? I Live in Shanghai & Things Are Interesting.

How Do You Win Free Money from the Government? Collect your Tax Receipts, Scratch Off the Scratchie bit and Win Today!

Who Am I? Maybe I’m a Writer As Now I’ve Got Cross-Cultural Research in the Bag by Living in China.

Hire me! No don’t, please.

Executive Audio Director & Showrunner ♡ Now in New York ♡ Alum: Spotify, triple j & ABC Australia

Executive Audio Director & Showrunner ♡ Now in New York ♡ Alum: Spotify, triple j & ABC Australia